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Who We Are


Community Visions & Networking (Quinte) promotes social inclusion, individual choice, interdependence and all legal constitutional rights for persons with a developmental disability.


Community Visions & Networking (Quinte) promotes an individualized approach in supporting people with developmental disabilities. The agency's services and supports are based on respect for and dignity of each person and recognizes diversity and reflects the culture of people receiving services.


Community Visions & Networking (Quinte) is mandated to support people who are developmentally challenged, Deaf, hard of hearing, or have a communication difficulty and who need and seek assistance to enhance their opportunities to live interdependently in their community.


CVNQuinte is funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services, and through the generosity of donors.



CVNQuinte continues to meet Quality Assurance Measures 299/10 compliance review requirements and the last successful review was April 29, 2021.



  • Community Visions & Networking (Quinte) has had a community presence in Belleville since 1978.

  • We had several name changes starting with the original group home, named “Sign Inn” supporting 8 individuals who had a developmental disability and were Deaf.

  • Approached in 1990 with closure of Integrated Housing Inc., Community Vision & Networking (CVN) restructured the agency and worked through a complete change in philosophical mandate. The goal was to support individuals, living in their own homes, to function interdependently within the community.

  • CVN was formally updated to Community Visions & Networking (Quinte) in 1993 to better recognize the geographical area supported of Prince Edward County, Quinte West, and Belleville.

  • Further expansion occurred when Prince Edward Heights closed and CVNQ supported a shared living agreement for 5 people in 1999.

  • In 2019, Passport Funding became available to people receiving services and the supports for people doubled once again.  CVNQ utilized the unique 1-1 service model to provide more supports and increase the amount of people being supported. 

  • Passport funding could purchase services instead of waiting for Ministry funded services.  

  • We continue to grow and provide further supports to meet the needs of the community with a new logo and branding name of CVNQuinte in 2021.

  • We believe that, given the opportunity, everyone can have diverse relationships with family, friends and community members that encourage mutual participation and lead to a fulfilled life.


Principles of Services

We believe…

  • every person has dreams and hopes and that the opportunity to realize them affects how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them.

  • people have control over their own lives and choices and that everyone needs to have information, knowledge, experiences, and opportunities to make informed decisions.

  • how people choose to involve themselves in their community affects their quality of life. At the same time, we believe that the community has a responsibility to ensure opportunity for participation.

  • people learn through life’s many challenges and risks which promote enthusiasm, personal growth and help to determine future direction.

  • given the opportunity, everyone can have diverse relationships with family, friends, and community members that encourage mutual participation and can lead to a fulfilled life.

  • in work experiences, living conditions, and opportunities for health and fulfillment that contribute to social and self-respect.

  • people require a place to live of their choosing where they can exercise ownership, reflect their personality through their possessions and choices and decide with whom they share this space.