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What We Do


Do you have “Passport” funding? If not, we can help you. 

If you do, we have the perfect services for you.  Tell us what you want or need and we will help you find the right support worker who can help you. We will help you get reimbursed for your purchases. 

For more information regarding Passports Service see https://www.dsontario.ca/passport-program

CVNQuinte supports over 85 adults who have a developmental disability utilize their Passport funding.


All of our services are Person-Directed. 

This means you are telling us what you want!!

CVNQuinte Coordinators provide Person Directed Planning to determine what you want.  With the help of family, friends and employees, people look at their past and present and work together to discover what direction they would like to go in their future.

CVNQuinte uses a tool called Personal Outcome Measures to ensure services start at the highest level of quality.

CVNQuinte has a tailored approach to providing community services.  


CVNQuinte has a tailored approach to providing interdependent living service as over 90% of the people supported through our organization live in their own homes in the community.

CVNQuinte supports people living interdependently in the Quinte region using this unique delivery model:

  • We employ 5 full time Coordinators for interviewing, planning, case coordination, and coordination of schedules, community relations and crisis management.
  • Each person wishing support meets with a Coordinator to develop his/her individual plan which includes service, as well as long and short-term goals.
  • Each person receiving services selects the specific day, time and action required to put the plan into effect.
  • Each person receiving services has the option of interviewing for the worker they feel best suits their needs.
  • Any of the 50 part-time Community Workers can apply for the assignments and the best matches are made. The highest factor in the selection is best match.
  • Each person supported and their Coordinator provide orientation and monitor the success of the assigned matches.
  • A unique flexible schedule is created and built for both the person they support, and the employee based on mutual choice.
  • This support model allows for better crisis management. People receiving service continue to receive supports regardless of whether others require Coordinators to support directly during isolated crisis moments or not.

These supports may include but are not limited to assistance with education, employment, housing arrangements, support to visit family, health & safety, nutrition, banking, shopping, personal care, medications, home maintenance, and recreational activities.

Life happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, therefore, CVNQuinte provides residential support on a 24-hour basis to people needing an additional level of care. Our supports are tailored to the individual needs of each person in their home.