Support & Services


Support Services relates to that area of Community Visions & Networking (Quinte)’s philosophy that emphasizes empowerment, community inclusion, and the person having control over their own life.


Recognizing that people require support in order to make it possible for them to exercise their citizenship, Support Services assists individuals to become a part of, connected to, involved in, participate with, and included in, their community. Support Services will facilitate, teach, counsel, inform, provide advice, act as a resource, coach, as well as provide direct support. This will be provided without taking control of the individual, their life direction, nor create a dependency.

Person Centred Planning

We believe that opportunities should be provided so everyone’s goals and dreams can be achieved. Our employees work hard to assist people to achieve those goals.

Person Centred Planning provides direction around how supports are provided at Community Visions & Networking (Quinte).

With the help of family, friends and support staff, people look at their past and present and work together to discover what direction they would like to go in their future.

010_IMG_4625Supported Independent Living Supports (SIL)

Community Visions & Networking (Quinte) has unique supported independent living service as over 90% of the people supported through our organization live in their own homes in the community.

In order for this to be successful they may need assistance; supports need to match the individual’s needs and are determined in conjunction with Person Centred Planning.

These supports may include but are not limited to assistance with nutrition, banking, shopping, personal care, medications, home maintenance, and recreational activities.

Residential Supports009_IMG_4624

Life happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, therefore, Community Visions & Networking (Quinte) provides residential support on a 24 hour basis to people needing an additional level of care.

Our supports are tailored to the individual needs of each person in the home.

The Ethics of Touch

Developed by David Hingsburger and Mary Harber

Community Visions & Networking believes that it is imperative that professional boundaries be maintained to ensure the protection of people receiving supports, as well as employees.

The Ethics of Touch curriculum addresses Privacy issues, Relationships and Affection, and Intimate Care. Policies and Procedures are in place around each area, with a heavy emphasis on ensuring the safety and well-being of each person receiving supports.

All new staff receives training upon being hired, and seasoned employees receive regular reviews, in the Ethics of Touch curriculum.


Family Supports

We co-operate with families of people we support allowing us to work together to make people’s visions a reality.

We assist with communications if requested and connecting families to other community services.

Meaningful Activity Supports

As part of people’s hopes and dreams it is often very important for them to further their education, be employed and /or volunteer. Everyone has something to offer and we encourage those gifts to be shared.

We support people in securing education, employment, volunteer positions and other valued roles throughout the community. Ongoing support to employers, educators, sponsors and their staff is also provided.